Learning through Modern Foreign Languages at Greenleas
At Greenleas we enjoy fostering children’s desire to learn about other cultures and languages.  We understand that learning languages not only teaches grammar, and speaking and listening, but it enhances confidence in these areas in the classroom in an enjoyable manner and a variety of contexts.  Languages are then continued through further education, after being given a secure basic knowledge and understanding whilst at Greenleas.
At Greenleas, French is the target language within Lower KS2, and Spanish in Upper KS2.
Our aims are:
To develop an awareness of other languages, and the cultures of where they are spoken.
To increase confidence in speaking fluently, both independently and prompted within a conversation.
To be able to read everyday words and recognise the key points of a short text.
To write everyday words fluently, building up to short texts using imagination.
French is taught through:
One hour weekly lessons in Lower KS2
One hour weekly lesson in Upper KS2.
Interactive resources that can be accessed from home.
Classroom displays and games, role-play, songs, rhymes and stories.
Repetition and plentiful opportunities to practice conversational speech and pronunciation.
Additional Languages
Each term, a new language is introduced to the classroom in everyday contexts such as taking the register and simple greetings.  Please see 'Language of the Term' below.

An After-School Language Club in Mandarin has been popular since 2015 and we hope this will return in Autumn 2017!  Each year group have the opportunity to spend a half-term learning vocabulary and phrases through fun games and activities.

Language of the Term
When learning languages, children are encouraged to understand culture of countries where the language is being spoken, and to speak confidently.  Through the introduction of a new language each term, the children are increasing in confidence and capability in these areas, as well as developing geography skills through locating and learning about physical features and famous landmarks of a variety of countries.  
We decided on a termly language to give the children longer to learn more about the culture of the country and, of course, more of the language.  We chose the languages by celebrating languages that are spoken by our very own Greenleas' pupils!  Each classroom also displays the country's flag, and an assembly helps to kick-start each language.

So far we have learned Mandarin, Spanish, German, Hindi, Greek, Russian, Polish, Norweigan, Italian, French and the list is continuing to grow!

Please see links for assembly resources, interactive games to support French learning, and a curriculum overview.

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