Year 5/6 Curriculum

In the Year 5/6 department there are three classes each with Year 5 and Year 6 children. There are four teachers in the department and for English, Maths and Science the children are taught in ability sets. There are two Year 6 sets and two Year 5 sets. For other subjects the children are taught in classes. There is a two year programme for themes and topics.                         

Half-termly homework is set as a project linked to the topic.  You have a choice of 9 activities!  The spellings are a bit unusual this time, because there's no rule.  You probably know most of the words already, but these are words that will be really useful for you to know in the next half-term.  If there's a word you're unfamiliar with, look up the definition!
Please see the link below for all tasks.

Year 5 Space Dome Reviews     27th January 2016
Today we went in a Space Dome, I was nothing like what I thought it would be.  It was absolutely amazing, plus we learnt a lot.
First of all we had a look at day and night and at the same time we talked about how we move but the sun doesn’t.  After this we took a look at the stars and constellations, we also had a look at their names, for example Ursa Mina, Ursa Major and Orion.
After this we talked about them and how the Greeks named them (Max knew a lot, as well as Jack H!).  Then we looked at the planets and their moons.  We learned a lot, eg Uranus has 7 or 11 rings, I can’t remember which one.  We learned that Jupiter has loads of storms and lots of other things.  It was lots and lots of fun!  It was mostly fun because of the tech and the learning!  It’s almost like a giant, blown up blue tent.                             
                                By James Mc
Today we have been to the Space Dome in the hall and if you don’t know, I’m going to tell you all about it.  At first you go in and sit away from the edges, then once everyone’s in, the zip closes and the fun starts.  First we started to look at constellations.  The constellations were amazing, you could see all the constellations and all of them were labelled.
We then looked at the planets to look at them in detail and to see how many moons there are.  We looked at the moon, sun, Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Pluto and all their moons.  We had lots of fun with the way it moved around us without us moving around.        
                                         By Joel
All of Year 5 went in a big blue sphere and went inside and when it went dark we could see most of the planets.  The planets we went to were the moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Mars, Neptune, and we talked about each one.  It was amazing and I loved it!
We looked at all the different constellations and what they look like and talked about the different constellations, pictures came up which looked at what they looked like and how they got their names.  I really enjoyed it because it helped me with science and all the pictures.
I really enjoyed looking at the moon because it showed what it looked like and we talked about how we could see the moon and talked about it.
I would recommend it 10 out of 10 because I really enjoyed it and would help, I would recommend ages 7-14 years.
                                                 By James M-H

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