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British Values and SMSC

At Greenleas, we believe that incorporating British Values within our school life is significant as it provides children with a fundamental understanding of what it means to be British.  We teach the children to develop their own values and beliefs, whilst recognising it is important to learn and respect others’.  Our Humanities Team ensure that - especially through the teaching of Geography, History, RE and Modern Foreign Languages - British Values are considered and discussed within each topic. 

Children at Greenleas know their voices are heard, and understand their part in making a difference through democracy when voting for each other for roles, and are taught to respect and respond to rules throughout the day from an early age, both in class and during playtimes.  These are just some examples of how children at Greenleas understand and appreciate life in Britain today. A range of topics taught through foundation subjects provide opportunities to improve understanding of and show respect for different faiths and cultures, and show how the values have changed into what they are today.  

Please click on the links to find out, for each British Value, what we do and why we do it at Greenleas.

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