Religious Education

Learning through Religious Education at Greenleas
At Greenleas, Religious Education (RE) actively promotes the values of truth, justice, respect for all and care for the environment.  RE is taught alongside the National Curriculum and is taught according to the Wirral Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.  Parents and carers have a right to withdraw their child from all or parts of the RE curriculum.
Religious Education at Greenleas places specific emphasis on:
Pupils valuing themselves and others,
The role of family and the community in religious activity and belief,
The celebration of diversity in society through understanding similarities and differences,
The sustainable development of the earth.
On each school day, children also take part in an act of collective worship either in class or as a whole school during assemblies.
Our Religious Education aims are:
To deliver stimulating, interesting and enjoyable lessons. 
To promote the best possible progress and attainment for all pupils through careful planning.
To ensure that Religious Education makes an important contribution to pupils’ skills in English and ICT.
To enable pupils to evaluate thoughtfully their own and others’ views in a reasoned and informed manner.
To promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 
To develop pupils’ awareness of themselves and others.
To develop pupils’ understanding of the significance of religion and beliefs in the world today.
To promote religious understanding, discernment and respect, whilst challenging prejudice and stereotypes.
To explore the significance of the environment, both locally and globally, and the role of human beings and other species within it.  
To promote each pupil’s self-worth.

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